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You asked for it. I think…

This is the very exciting first post to grace the pages of Pot Topics. The best place to find reviews on everything you wish to know. I, Sarah Joynt, will be the evaluator of the many things to come with the help of Mary Jane of course. 

Item Uno:
Naked Lunch 
Where to begin…. So I started this book about a month ago and have made it to page 46 (240 to go). I’m not a slow reader, I may enjoy a slow pace, but with this book it only makes sense to me stoned. Which means I reread each paragraph about three times before moving on. 

So I guess this isn’t a full review, but it’s a follow along update.  It has kept me intrigued and I’m finding Burrough’s writing style to be very appealing.  

Should you read it: If you do we can read it along together 
Should you buy it: Yeah, sure. Start building up that personal library of yours. 
Should you burn it: Only to use the pages as rolling paper. 

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